16 November 2018

Great Sightings in April…

April is traditionally a quiet month for cetacean sightings off West Cork as we wait for thr waters to warm and the plankton to bloom and rise in the water column…

This April however, has proved the exception. Although the waters off West Cork remain cold sightings that have been reported by us and others this month have included killer whales, pilot whales, first minke whales of the season, bottlenose dolphins, harbour porpoise and basking sharks.

This lovely spectrum of species has culminated in basking sharks off The Kedges last weekend and bottlenose dolphins feeding in Squince Harbour yesterday morning and excellent harbour porpoise activity between Sherkin Island and Cape Clear.

Other fantastic and early sightings have been had to feeding gannets, Manx shearwaters, fulmars, razorbills and both species of guillemot. Lovely wildlife activity for so early in the season supported by some fabulous sunny and fine weather West Cork has yet again proved a mecca for the marine wildlife enthusiast from both Ireland and Europe.

Hopefully this early flush of activity is a harbinger of things to come. We look forward to a fine summer, warm seas, a wide variety of species. With Voyager operating since the beginning of April we are all looking forward to a great season…can’t wait.