16 November 2018

Not far off but in good numbers…NEW POST

Reports coming in from the pelagic fishing boats off the west coast of Ireland indicate large numbers of Pilot Whales (almost certainly Long Finned Pilot Whales) around 50-60 miles off the southwestern coast and exhibiting the classic spyhopping behaviour so characteristic of the group of large dolphins known as the “blackfish”.

Pilot Whales © Whale Watch West Cork

Further reports from the mackerel boats operating off Donegal out of Killybegs have encountered large numbers of Orca feeding off the mackerel as they are being hauled. Some of you may remember this behaviour being recorded for Orca groups in the North Sea and documented on the TV programme Autumnwatch in 2010.

It is possible that this behaviour is being widely learnt by Orca groups around the British, Scottish and Irish coasts and we may hear more reports of this opportunistic behaviour.

What I wouldn’t give to be there and see it first hand!