12 November 2018

Gift Vouchers

Whale and Dolphin Watching Gift Vouchers from Whale Watch West Cork

Whale and Dolphin Watching Gift Vouchers are available for Christmas, Birthday or that special occasion weddings, anniveraries or simply as an unusual gift for a dear friend. Gift Vouchers may be made out for one or several people. Whale Watching gift vouchers cost €50 per person and there is a €10 postage and preparation fee.

The vouchers are personalised for the recipient showing clearly who the voucher is from, how many people are included on the voucher and any special message you would like put on

Tickets remain valid for an entire year and may be redeemed at any time by the recipient by phoning or emailing us and we will get them on a tour convenient to them.

You may order a Whale & Dolphin Watching Voucher by any of the following means:

  • Call Nic on:
    Mobile: 00 353 (0) 86 120 0027
    Landline: 00 353 (0) 28 33357
  • Email nic@whale.ie

Check out how to get a Gift Voucher

The information we will need to make up the voucher is:

To: who (the recipient)?
From: who (the sender)?
Occasion: Birthday / Wedding / Anniversary?
Any Special Message?
Number of peopleon the voucher: 1/2/3 or more
Exact Name and address of where to post the voucher?

Payment for Whale and Dolphin Watching Gift Vouchers may be by the following means:

Bank Transfer – you will need the bank details
Cheque – made out to Whale Watch West Cork
Postal Order – payable to Whale Watch West Cork
Laser Card
Credit Card – Mastercard or Visa

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