12 November 2018

Sublimke Minke Whale Sightings off Sherkin Island…


Some of the best Minke Whale sightings this year off Sherkin Island. South East corner of the Island almost in the Gascanane Sound. Two animals lunge feeding and surfacing with mouths agape and throat pleats distended. All topped off by dramatic Harbour Porpoise encounters in much the same area. Dramatic sea conditions to enhance the experience…

Quite magical and it rarely gets any better than this.

No reliable inshore sightings of Fin Whales yet off West Cork but lots of reports being sent into Whale Watch West Cork of Fin Whales in groups offshore along with Humpbacks. Common Dolphin sightings on the increase, especially in the east of the county.

Will blog as soon as we have sightings of Fin Whales inshore to report.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Now things are starting to hot up I hope to be out with you soon. The lunge feeding takes me back to the trips with you in previous years. To hear you still so enthused about your subject makes remember the love you have for your subject and how that enhances the trips.

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