12 November 2018

Whale Watching Expeditions

…The Pacific Gray Whales of Baja…

Baja California Sur – Mexico

February 1st – February 8th 2013

Tour Leader: Nic Slocum Ph.D., FRGS

Whales World Wide, the overseas arm of Whale Watch West Cork are running a whale and dolphin watching holiday to Baja California Sur, Mexico from Friday, February 1st to Friday February 8th 2013, to see the amazing Pacific Gray Whales and their calves. This is a fully guided whale watching expedition with marine zoologist Dr Nic Slocum.

The Baja peninsular of Mexico is a destination that has some of the best whale watching in the world. Pacific gray whales migrate from their northern feeding grounds in the Behring Sea to the birthing lagoons of the Pacific coast of Baja California Sur where they give birth to their young. Although they may be seen from the land, Whales World Wide organises boat based tours out to see the gray whale mothers and their young at a number of different locations along the remote Pacific coast. On many of these expeditions we are lucky enough to encounter the “friendlies” where both mother and calf will approach the boats to within touching distance…it has to be experienced to be believed!

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Due to demand, a second tour to see the Pacific Gray Whales of San Ignacio Lagoon, also on the Baja Peninsular, is scheduled from Friday February 8th to Friday February 15th 2013.

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… A Once in a Lifetime Adventure …

Swimming with Humpback Whales on the Silver Bank

Dominican Republic

Tour Date: March 16th – 23rd 2013

Tour Leaders: Nic Slocum Ph.D. FRGS & Capt. Gene Flipse

Whales World Wide, are running a unique and once in a lifetime adventure – swimming with humpback whales among the coral heads in the shallow and warm waters of the Silver Bank off the north coast of the Dominican Republic. This amazing, life-changing expedition will run from Saturday, March 16th to Saturday March 23rd 2013. This is a fully guided whale watching experience with marine zoologist Dr Nic Slocum FRGS and includes five full days of boat-based whale watching with nine separate opportunities to swim with these magnificent and charismatic marine mammals. Living on board the luxury 138ft vessel M/V Sun Dancer 11 we use smaller, 25ft twin engine, whale boats from which to view and swim with the humpback whales over The Silver Bank. This expedition, to one of the premier congregations of humpback whales to be found anywhere in the world, has been designed specifically for those where adventure is a state of mind!

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…A Voyage to the Magical Pearl Islands…

The Humpback Whales of Panama

Pearl Islands – Panama

September 21st – 28th 2013

Tour Leader: Nic Slocum PhD, FRGS & Anne Gordon de Barrigon

Whales World Wide are running a whale and dolphin watching tour to one of the World’s premier destinations, the fabulous Pearl Islands off the beautiful Central American country of Panama. From September 21st to 28th 2013, the focus of our attention will be the charismatic Humpback Whales of this little known whale watching destination. The animals we encounter around the Pearl Islands migrate from the Antarctic to these warm Pacific waters to calve and breed and mother/calf combinations are regularly seen on this tour. This is a fully guided whale watching expedition led by marine zoologist Dr Nic Slocum and local Panama based, humpback whale expert Anne Gordon de Barrigon.

Email for a brochure Our programme for Panama 2013 is just being finalised and will be posted shortly. The pdf brochure is available

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…The Wilds of Patagonia…

The Southern Right Whales of Chubut, Patagonia

Peninsular Valdés – Argentina

October 2013 (exact dates to be finalised shortly)

Tour Leader: Nic Slocum PhD, FRGS

Although the Peninsular Valdés in Patagonia, Argentina is a remote and often windswept headland of arid vegetation and secluded bays it is one of the many premier whale watching destinations on the planet and worth every bit of effort it takes to get there. As a young person reading the books of Dr Roger Payne, who discovered this breeding ground for Southern Right Whales, I dreamed of spending many hours simply watching these huge leviathans from the headlands as he did. Nowadays of course it is the key destination in South America for watching the Southern Right Whales that come to give birth and mate in these cool South Atlantic waters. Unlike it’s northern cousin the Southern Right Whale has recovered well from years of commercial whaling. Other species that may be seen around the remote Patagonian headlands of Penisular Valdés are Killer Whales and Elephant Seals.

Email us for a brochure Our final programme will be posted shortly but a pdf brochure is available now.

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…The Remote Coves and Inlets of The Pacific Northwest…

The Orca Pods of Telegraph Cove

Vancouver Island- British Columbia – Canada

September 2013 (exact dates to be finalised)

Tour Leaders: Nic Slocum PhD, FRGS and Capt. Jim Borrowman

Canada has long been a destination for viewing some of the unusual and iconic species like Beluga and Narwhal, species that belong in a group all by themselves. However, British Columbia is one of the worlds top destinations for watching Orca (Killer Whales). Although the waters around the Gulf Islands off Vancouver can yield memorable sightings Whales World Wide have created the ultimate Killer Whale watching trip. Heading up to the northern tip of Vancouver Island and in the comfort of our own boat, skippered by the legendary Jim Borrowman, we head out round the islands and inlets of this stunning part of British Columbia looking for Orca, Humpbacks, Pacific White Sided Dolphins and Steller’s Sealions to name just a few species.

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