15 June 2021

A Resumption of Commercial Whaling?

I have heard it all now…

The International Whaling Commission meet next week to discuss a potential deal whereby Japan, Norway and Iceland will be rewarded for consistently breaking international agreements and conducting commercial whaling for profit when a moratorium on commercial whaling is in place.

The deal is that Japan will be allowed commercial whaling rights in their coastal waters in return for, wait for it, a voluntary reduction in the number of minke and fin whales killed in the southern ocean whale sanctuary each year during their Antarctic whaling campaign…yes, a “voluntary” reduction.

The EU, predominantly anti whaling, is said to be considering a view which may permit this to be passed. If this cosy little deal is sanctioned then the “bully boy” tactics will have succeeded and the minority view will have it’s way over the interests of around 70% of the EU population.

Any form of sell out by the EU communities at this stage would be disastrous for whales but also for the whole marine conservation movement going forward.

If you would like to read more and have your say with the EU then click on the title link.



  1. Anonymous says:

    How can we send our comments and objections to teh EU?

  2. Nic Slocum says:

    Click on the link in the title of the blog piece Ann and send your comments through the WDCS website where all comments are being collated. Thank you. Nic

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