12 November 2018

Bottlenose Dolphins, The Long Strand, West Cork, Ireland


  1. Chris G says:

    This brings back memories of a lovely evening cruise with Nic in Voyager. We went along the coast towards The Staggs and beyound we were joined by a large number (25+) dolphins who rode the bow waves on both the in and out legs of the trip. We still think that an Killer whale just in shore of the boat scared them off , Nic still wonders what we saw, but he was busy steering and telling passengers what was happening and about the coast line. One day Nic we will do it again and you can post the sighting.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon

  2. Nic Slocum says:

    Thanks Chris. It was a memorable trip was it not. Look forward to being able to get you out again when you are next in West Cork…don’t leave it too long!

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