20 January 2022

Iceland to Conduct Commercial Whaling Again in the North Atlantic…

Despite pressure from international conservation groups and nations including Britain, Sweden, France, Finland, United States and Germany the interim Icelandic government of Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir has said it will allow the killing of 100 minke whales and 150 fin whales during the 2009 season.

Although the market for whale meat in the Icelandic home market is reputed to be small it is believed the meat from these kills will be sold to Japan for consumption there. In so doing both Iceland and Japan are flouting international law regarding the trade in endangered species and once again unilaterally breaking the moratorium on commercial whaling put in place during the late 1980’s when many of the worlds’ great whales stocks faced serious depletion and in many cases extinction.

The Fin Whale is still considered a species at risk in the North Atlantic.


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