16 November 2018

Joy of Joys…

It’s not like me to follow on with another post so soon…but I just have to tell you the Minke Whale watching yesterday was superb…

Several animals both sides of Cape Clear but away off near the Fastnet Rock and Lighthouse we encountered an animal feeding hard. Creating the characteristic huge display of Gannets and Shearwaters this large Minke Whale circled the boat creating a huge bait ball in the water, surfacing regularly with noisy blows and gasps of admiration from my customers on the boat.

Minke Whale watching at it very best. If the weather holds there may well be opportunities for more sightings like that…I am lost for words, not something you are used to!



  1. gerard vonk says:

    Just back in Holland after een glorious week in Baltimore. Thanks to Nic! Tuesday and a exceptional thursday I was on board of the Voyager and enjoyed the great moments! So many birds, diving gannets, shearwaters and minke whales at several places. It was great!
    Hope to return in october to see more animals.
    Gerard Vonk

  2. gerard vonk says:

    hello Nic
    what a wonderful trips we made last week> tuesday & thursday. Excellent views, weather and other circumstances. I had a great time and glorious days in Ireland, like always. Thanks again for your hospitality and relaxt guiding. No watch on the watch… no, with you it will be six hours in four hours! Hope to back in october.
    Gerard Vonk

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