12 November 2018

LATEST POST – Great Finish To The Week…

What a lovely week…weather and sightings.

Great sightings and lovely weather concluded an excellent April. Some lovely sightings of Risso’s Dolphins made the week for many of our customers but also good Minke Whale sightings and more Basking Sharks under a warm sun and on calm seas enhanced the tours we have run every day this week.

Here are just some of the images we managed to get amid the excitement…

Basking Shark

 We have had several Basking Shark sightings this week…

Fulmar - our very own albatross


a not very good - Risso's Dolphin

I called my friend Micheál when we found these Risso’s Dolphins and he managed to get this shot of Voyager and customers enjoying the company of these enigmatic animals as they foraged between the tip Cape Clear Island and the iconic landmark (or is it seamark) …The Fastnet Rock and Lighthouse…one of the top 10 most famous lighthouses in the world!

Voyager among Risso's Dolphins

Thanks for the image Micheál…

Minke Whale Feeding

ENDS…for now!

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