16 November 2018

Minke Whales, Porpoises and Killer Whales…

Well, April is going out with a bang!

Stunning weather and lovely sea conditions have enabled us to get out every day for the past two weeks with some lovely early sightings of Harbour Porpoises and Common Dolphins…it is quite early to be seeing the Dolphins. Very heartening to see the Porpoises with very young animalsin attendance.

Minke Whales in the sunshine yesterday off Goat Island in Roaringwater Bay were a great culmination to several days of good sightings amongst a large group of Gannets. The animals had stopped feeding by the time we arrived.

Reports this morning are coming in of Killer Whales off The Brow Head…possibly attacking a Minke Whale…we are heading out now to investigate…watch this space.



  1. Sandra O'Donovan says:

    “The animals had stopped feeding by the time we arrived.” Now that sounds like my type of experience!! :-D

    It seems that the Killer Whales turned out to be Risso’s Dolphins. I’m kind of glad really. I see little enough as it is without the Killer Whales rolling up and scoffing what’s there. Besides, a pod of 8 Risso’s would be well worth the journey – especially if, like me, you’ve never even seen one.

    The news of the the young Porpoises is nice to hear.

  2. Yes Sandra…it was good to clear that confusion up once we had found and identified the Risso’s pod. Lovely sighting for this gorgeous sunny afternoon…they were spotted later in the morning and confused with Pilot Whales…easily done at a distance. Lovely Minke Whale sighting yesterday in perfect conditions.

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