12 November 2018

Mass Balloon Releases Must Stop…

Mass baloon releases a problem I hear you say…

Yes, latex balloons have long been considered a wildlife hazard but in particular they are a threat to marine wildlife, expecially mammals like dolphins and reptiles like turtles which mistake this floating garbage for food.

It is claimed that latex balloons that rise to around 5,000 feet finally shatter into small pieces that present little threat to wildlife. However, those that fail to rise and find their way earth are carried via water courses down to the sea where they are often mistaken for living prey and find their way into the gut of marine creatures causing blockage and death.

A less obvious problem comes from the hideous, virtually unbreakable string so often used to tether balloons. This has been associated with death in birds and smaller mammals by getting wrapped around their necks or legs.

Not unsurprisingly, the balloon industry and others with vested interest claim that mass balloon releases can’t possibly be a hazard to wildlife and that mass releases should not be curtailed. Didn’t really expect them to say anything else did you?

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