16 November 2018

Minke Whale activity on the increase…

Day before yesterday we observed a minke whale south of Rabbit Island followed by a surfacing animal east of Adam Island…possibly the same animal. Travelling and not attracting much bird activity we are looking forward to some settled weather and with lots of visitors about are getting out on the water regularly.

Out and about south of the Kedges yesterday we had a breaching minke whale. A young animal that was attracting a bit of gannet activity. There was a brisk breeze blowing from the notheast which was creating a lumpy, short sea but we saw this animal surface around 40 metres in front of the boat followed shortly afterwards by a single breach well out of the water…and a large splash on re-entry.

With a lot of “feed” showing on the echosounder we are hoping this activity may continue for a few days yet in Baltimore Bay…more blog to come after today.


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