16 November 2018

Minkes, BND’s, Fins, Humpbacks and Pilot Whales…

The last couple of days has produced sightings by us of Minke Whales off Baltimore Harbour entrance and south of Rabbit Island with a group of Bottlenose Dolphins in the harbour at Baltimore and earlier in the entrance to Union Hall harbour.

Further reports have been sent into Whale Watch West Cork of Bottlenose Dolphins off Castlepoint, around 40 Common Dolphins west of Sherkin Island and Minke Whales southwest of Cape Clear culminating in a colleague delivering a yacht from Dublin to West Cork texting me in the early hours of this morning with news of five Pilot Whales off the Tuskar Rock.

Carefully validated reports sent through to WWWC during the last week or two indicate sightings of Risso’s Dolphins off Cape Clear, a “family” group of Humpbacks in the Irish Sea and Fin Whales off Garretstown, County Cork.

Combined with the numerous Basking Shark, Harbour Porpoise and Sunfish sighting we have recorded during this early summer period it yet again shows West Cork and the southern Irish coast as a mecca for a wide variety of marine wildlife producing some excellent sightings for visitors and locals alike…

Watch this space…and our video blog for the latest sightings and updates.

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