12 November 2018

More Minkes…More Porpoises…

More of everything really…

Huge rafts and flocks of Manx Shearwaters all around Roaringwater Bay and the Islands, east to The Stags and south to The Fastnet. One of the key avian indicator species for Minke Whale activity at this time of the year…well they are doing their job!

The last few days has had some lovely Minke Whale sightings around “Cape” and in Long Island Bay well out towards The Fastnet Rock and Lighthouse and in Fastnet Sound. Although evidently feeding when they surface with throats distended they frequently attract little bird activity. They may be feeding very low in the water column resulting in the traditional “bait balls” at the surface not materialising. The Minke Whale is considered to have a wide range of fish species on which it feeds.

Very active porpoise groups in the area we patrol. This attractive but traditionally shy and retiring little whale entertained us all on one occasion last week by swimming under the boat (engines were off of course) giving us clear views of this cetacean swimming just under the surface of the water. Not often seen and a delight for all, adults and children alike.

Some lovely late Sunfish activity. We manoevered the boat upwind and up tide of a medium sized Sunfish last week and turned off the engines. It graced us by swimming alongside the boat and remained motionless in the water for several minutes before swimming off. With the sun behind us we had some stunning views of this unusual yet attractive mid-summer visitor to West Cork’s waters.

All this in spite of the bouts of unsettled weather that keep passing through…plenty of sunshine though and warm with it!



  1. Always good to read this news. Looks like this will be a good year for Minky whales etc. Great memories of my previous whalewatching tours. Hope to do this again when I am back this year.
    Looking forward :-)

  2. Chris & Hils says:

    I am with Nora on this sounds great, We hoped to come back this year but it maybe next. Keep up the reports Nic

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