16 November 2018

More Minkes…

Blessed with some lovely sunshine around the islands this week we have had some stunning Minke Whale sightings close in around the Gascanane Sound and right into Roaringwater Bay.

Harbour Porpoise activity has increased significantly over the last couple of weeks with some fabulous feeding behaviour being exhibited east of Cape Clear and Sherkin Islands. Many young animals in evidence which is very heartening showing some animated behaviour – for a Porpoise!

Reports submitted to us these past two weeks of Fin Whale activity further offshore with further Humpback Whale sightings in the Irish Sea. Hope they all come this way!

Huge build up of Manx Shearwaters these past weeks has rafts of birds up to 500 strong with some lovely Gannet activity over feeding Minkes.

We are anticipating the August build up in Common Dolphin sightings anytime now. Several sightings so far this year but no very large groups. Lots of reports of Common Dolphins from customers crossing The Irish Sea on the ferry.

Memories still linger of the Bottlenopse Dolphin activity along this part of the West Cork coast during June and July this year…

Watch this space.

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