12 November 2018

Sublime late summer sightings again…

Hard on the heels of my last blog we have had more sightings of the very young Minke Whale in Long Island Bay along with a group of 30/35 Common Dolphins off Cape Clear Island. Adolescents and adults feeding beneath clouds of Gannets.

Conscious of our impact on an entire feeding ecosystem our Code of Conduct has proved invaluable in limiting the time we spend with Common Dolphins that are feeding. Very well recieved by our customers our Code of Conduct allows for a interaction over clearly defined time period permitting animals to return to feeding activities, especially important when adolescents or young are present in the group.

Another report of five “large” whales producing blows spotted well south of The Galley Head and heading west. Almost certainly Fin Whales we eagerly await this species move inshore to feed.

Very animated behaviour from some large groups of Harbour Porpoises feeding and attracting the attention of large groups of Gannets has continued to enthrall our many customers. I’ll admit to having a soft spot for the humble Harbour Porpoise!



  1. Nic
    Having just got back from touring Norfolk and Cornwall
    I went straight to the blog. Wen you say Long Island is just outside Reen harbour near Rabbit island. If so then animal was coming in close tp shore. Look forward to reports of the fin whales. I think you can find them without me!

  2. Hi Chris
    Long Island is on the west side of Roaringwater Bay and not very close to Rabbit Island or Reen Pier. The Minke and her calf were certainly coming up very close to shore and a little further to the southwest off Goat Island. Customers are always surprised to see how close to shore the Minkes and Fins come – largely because there is deep water as the island shelve steeply giving deep water close inshore.

    I can find them without you Chris but would prefer it if you came out again to help me! Ireland misses you! Hope to welcome you aboard Voyager again in the not too distant future.

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