12 May 2021

GALWAY – 24TH MARCH – A must for all whale and dolphin watch operators…Whale & Dolphin Watch Operators Workshop

Whale & Dolphin Watch Operators Workshop


Benefit from sustainable practice, learn from your customers, and make more money!

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, Galway, Ireland, 9.00 – 17.30 Saturday 24th March 2012


I have long been an admirer of Dylan Walker and all that he has achieved. When I heard that he was teaming up with Ian Rowlands to form Planet Whale I thought, only good can come out of this. So with a spring in my step and suitcase packed I headed off to Brighton last November to attend the whale watch operators workshop held just before WhaleFest. My high expectations were entirely justified. Apart from being supremely competent organisers, Dylan and Ian have a firm handle on the key issues facing the whale watching industry worlwide. The operators workshop addressed such critical issues as reducing impact on marine wildlife and environment in general, meeting and managing customer expectations and getting involved in valuable research. The afternoon session provided one of the most meaningful learning experiences I have ever had.

Take it from me, the workshop being organised by Dylan and Ian for Galway on 24th March should be a must for any operator who takes his business seriously…hope to see you there.

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