23 July 2019

Wall to Wall Fine Weather..and fine sightings…

With probabley the best stretch of fine weather on record over the past eight weeks we have been having sightings to match…

From excellent sightings of lunge feeding Minke Whales around the Calf Islands and Tourane Rocks to an estimated 500 Common Dolphins as far up Roaringwater Bay as the Mullin Rock our sightings culminated last night with 5 Risso’s Dolphins close into The Gascanane Sound accompanied by a group of around 75 Common Dolphins feeding. One of the Risso’s had a curled over dorsal fin just like the adult Killer Whale we sighted a few weeks ago.

Lovely tail slapping and breaching behaviour from the Risso’s Dolphins with the characteristic “line abreast” feeding strategy of the Common Dolphins. All in the evening sunlight as the sun set over Cape Clear and the Islands of Roaringwater Bay…magic.



  1. Hi Nick.. lovely to see you mention our fantastic sighting of the risso’s.. did your friend manage to get any good photos and will you post them. Thanks for the magical afternoon. love from selina and tessa

  2. Hi Selina and Tessa
    I asked Michéal if his mate got any pictures but have not heard back. I wwill chase him and post any images he will let me have of the Risso’s Dolphins on the site.
    Watch this space.

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