15 June 2021

Westcorktimes.COM…There are few occasions where I am so impressed by an initiative that I wish to blog it…

BUT working out of Bantry, Clare Farrelly and David Forsythe have
created the West Cork Times, www.westcorktimes.com a unique and unusual
online presence that brings news, views and articles to West Cork locals and
visitors and any others wishing to keep abreast of developments in West
Cork. A logical and easy navigation backs up this well laid out site making
perusal of the news a pleasure.  West Cork Times is an online news hub
covering issues from the environment to education and tourism to
transport...over an area from Beara to Kinsale.

The West Cork Times describes itself as a "hyperlocal website...Westcorktimes.com
aims to be an online hub for West Cork with up-to-the-minute news and information
for communities across the region. West Cork is a unique place and our aim is to deliver
for West Cork the kind of unique, professionally produced web presence the area
deserves. There are a number of exciting and innovative features planned for
the website which will develop over the coming months. The site is locally
owned by West Cork-based Wetrocks Media Ltd..."

Without a doubt one of the really exciting new initiatives to be developed by West Cork
Residents. What do you think

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