20 January 2022

Whale Wars in Ross Sea Continue…

Anti Whaling activists Sea Shepherd face increasingly violent reprisals from the Japanese whaling fllet that is in the Ross Sea, Antarctica. It is claimed that the Sea Shepherd group throw acid at the Japanese boats. This is in fact rotten butter, a long time tactic used by this group.
The Japanese whalers it is said are throwing back bits of metal, golf balls and whale blubber at the Sea Shepherd boat and now have resorted to bombarding the Sea Shepherd crew with high powered acoustic weapons designed for military use it is claimed.

More information may be obtained by pasting the following link into your browser.

LINK: http://planetark.org/wen/51520

I read of these clashes with sorrow and elation. Sorrow that whaling is still in the psyche of so many nations and is employed as a political instrument. Elation that there are men and women who will risk all to defend what they believe to be right.

I am reminded of the many wise sayings of the great Mahatma Ghandi…one that springs to mind…”Truth never damages a cause that is just”

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