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Marine Survey Consultancy

Whale Watch West Cork has acted as consultants and provided charter services for professional projects covering TV Film Production, photojournalism and marine survey work. With our scientific credentials and practical knowledge of animal behaviour and movements we are able to bring a unique perspective to your project and charter. From many years of study we know where to take you to find the animals and provide very specific scientific commentary on the behaviour and distribution of a variety of species including fin whales, minke whales and humpback whales along with smaller cetaceans such as Risso's, common and bottlenose dolphins as well as the harbour porpoise. We are also able to provide a very specific scientific commentary regarding the conservation status of many of these species in addition to general commentary about the marine environment and the challenges it faces.

The following are recent examples of where Whale Watch West Cork has acted as consultants during professional charters:

  1. A film platform and expert commentary on the whales and dolphins of West Cork for a production of the Channel 4 programme "A Place By The Sea"

  2. University field trips for University College Cork zoology department with specific commentary on what draws large baleen whales to West Cork waters and the threats to the conservation status of these marine mammals.

  3. A marine survey conducted for the Cork Institute of Technology on a Dinoflagellate species responsible for causing red tides along the south west coast of Ireland and economic damage to shellfish farming interests

In addition, our senior scientist, Dr Nic Slocum, has provided expert commentary on the following TV and Radio programmes:

  • BBC's "999" programme
  • ITV's "This Is Your Life"
  • Channel 4 production of "A Place by the Sea"
  • RTE 1 "Mooney Goes Wild" programme with Derek Mooney

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