16 November 2018

Copenhagen – failure and fudge

A huge opportunity has been lost and the leaders of the free world should resign in disgrace at the pathetically weak and unenforceable “agreement” reached at the climate summit in Copenhagen last week. Unless nation states take it upon themselves to curb CO2 emissions over the next decade we are consigning our children to a legacy of climate change disasters that will seriously impact their way of life if not their very wellbeing. Characterised by shambolic organisation on the part of the host nation Denmark, world leaders have attempted to dress the conference up as a model of global cooperation whereas it is in fact a failure that will do little to reduce the exponential rise in atmospheric CO2 that we are currently experiencing and has set us on track to levels as high a 700 parts per million by the end of the century.

Great news on the NEW Swansea – Cork ferry service

We are pleased to announce that Fastnet Line’s online booking system and pricing is now available on our website www.fastnetline.com.

The Swansea to Cork service will commence on March 1st 2010, sailing from Cork to Swansea, departing at 21:00 arriving in Swansea at 07:00 the next morning. See the website for the full schedule.

Special Opening Offer – Kids Travel FREE on Fastnet Line !!
That’s right – simply book at least one adult ticket with vehicle for travel during 2010
- and up to three children can travel with you absolutely free!
Bookings must be made before 1st April 2010, children must be under 16 on the date of travel, excludes cabin.

If you need further information or have any queries, please check our FAQ or email Catherine at info@fastnetline.com.


Dolphin Days Upgrade Website…

Vanessa and Mike Vanhorn of Dolphin Days have just completed a major update of their website to include upgrades to their species profile pages, Irish cetacean news and their SIGHTINGS page which is new and will provide an increasingly invaluable asset for those seeking more information and sightings details about Irish whales and dolphins.

They have asked that all interested members of the public and other wildlife groups patrolling the coast send in any sightings you may have including the following information:

> What species of cetacean you think you have seen

> How many animals were present. Best estimate minimum/maximum

> The time, date and length of time you watched the animals

> The location and distance offshore

> What behaviour was displayed and if there were sea birds present

> State of the sea & the weather conditions

“…if you have photo’s we love them! Email them to us along with your name & contact details…we really appreciate everyone’s input and we welcome everyone…” say Vanessa and Mike.