12 November 2018

Dolphin Days Upgrade Website…

Vanessa and Mike Vanhorn of Dolphin Days have just completed a major update of their website to include upgrades to their species profile pages, Irish cetacean news and their SIGHTINGS page which is new and will provide an increasingly invaluable asset for those seeking more information and sightings details about Irish whales and dolphins.

They have asked that all interested members of the public and other wildlife groups patrolling the coast send in any sightings you may have including the following information:

> What species of cetacean you think you have seen

> How many animals were present. Best estimate minimum/maximum

> The time, date and length of time you watched the animals

> The location and distance offshore

> What behaviour was displayed and if there were sea birds present

> State of the sea & the weather conditions

“…if you have photo’s we love them! Email them to us along with your name & contact details…we really appreciate everyone’s input and we welcome everyone…” say Vanessa and Mike.

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